Designed From the Atom Up to Transform the Grid

Tailored for Stationary

Optimized for lifetime cost and safety, Zn-ion is perfect when weight does not matter.

Standard Manufacturing

Zn-ion is easy to scale since it can be built using standard Li-ion processes and equipment.

No Risk of Fire

Zn-ion's water-based design is 100% safe, eliminating the need for fire protection systems.

Meet Salient’s Zinc-ion battery

Zinc chemistry, solved

Zinc is 100x more abundant and cheaper than lithium, but previous zinc chemistries have struggled to deliver on power, size, and rechargeability. Salient Energy is the first company to develop a zinc battery that works the same way that a Li-ion battery does, with the same ions (zinc) reacting at both electrodes. We accomplished this by developing new materials that can absorb zinc ions in a process called intercalation. Importantly, this enables the use of a mild electrolyte that allows the battery to be recharged thousands of times.

100% compatible manufacturing

By using the same fundamental principles and design as lithium-ion, Salient's Zn-ion batteries can be produced using the same processes and equipment that are used in gigafactories around the globe. Every time Li-Ion batteries get cheaper to produce, so does Zn-Ion. This makes it far easier to scale-up Zn-ion production.

Safe and non-toxic materials

Zn-ion's water-based design is completely fire-proof. Li-ion batteries are an inherently fire-prone technology, which is why the world has seen such high profile battery failures like the Samsung Galaxy Note and the Boeing Dreamliner. Our fireproof design reduces cost, simplifies installation, and avoids complicated regulatory hurdles. In addition, the Salient's Zn-ion chemistry avoids the use of toxic materials, which further increases safety and recyclability.

Ready to transform the grid

A grid that runs primarily on the wind and the sun needs batteries to work. Li-ion is the best solution available but - in addition to its safety and supply chain issues - it is still far too expensive to enable a clean electrical system. We made a safe and inexpensive battery that can directly replace Li-ion to help power the clean energy revolution.