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Designed for the grid, from the atom up.

The most important use of batteries in the past few decades has been in portable electronics. As a result, battery research has been focused on making batteries lighter and more compact. This research gave the world the lithium ion battery. The LIB led to the widespread adoption of smartphones and laptops, enabling the Digital Revolution.

The impending Cleantech Revolution – where we replace fossil fuels with renewable energy – also depends on batteries. However, the lithium ion batteries that work so well for electronics are not well suited for the grid; the grid needs batteries that are cheap and last long, not ones that are light and compact. New batteries are needed for this new application.

Salient Energy has worked from the atom up to design such a battery. Our zinc-ion battery, made from zinc, water, and a proprietary nanomaterial, is far less expensive, lasts longer, and is intrinsically safe. We aim to do for cleantech what lithium ion did for electronics: to greatly accelerate the adoption of wind and solar power and change the world in the process.

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