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For decades, battery makers have focused on making products that maximize that amount of energy in a given mass and volume. They have been tremendously successful – their advances enabled the widespread adoption of consumer electronics and are starting to enable the adoption of electric vehicles. However, not all applications require batteries that are light and compact. Many applications require low-cost batteries that can be recharged thousands of time. These are the applications we focus on. We have made batteries that, while heavier and bulkier than lithium-ion, have a much longer service life while being completely safe. We built these batteries using inexpensive and abundant materials.

Zinc-ion batteries are the product of genuine technological breakthroughs. Our proprietary cathode materials store energy in zinc in a way that has never been commercialized before – we have made unique cathode materials that can actually incorporate zinc in their crystal lattice instead of just reacting on the surface. This allows our batteries to have relatively high energy density. It also allows us to use traditional battery designs that are compatible with standard manufacturing equipment. This means that our cheaper, safer, and longer-lasting battery can be made in existing battery factories around the world.

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